For over 30 years, Interact’s versatile IVR Systems have helped organizations across the globe take their ideas to full implementation. We recognize the unique challenges faced by our customers; therefore Interact IVR Systems offer the following advantages to businesses of all needs and sizes that are looking to improve their global communications. 

Most IPs on the market today are simply resource receptacles that static call flows can refer to when needing to provide specific call functionality to an end user. That is, they are traditionally components devoid of any ability to provide advanced telephony applications within an operator’s environment.
The VIP platform is unique however, in that it is able to utilize Interact’s 26+ year heritage of outstanding IVR functionality while simultaneously maintaining a fully operable IP presence...all within an environment that is geared toward unlimited extensibility and that encourages operator independence.
With VoiceXML being the underlying standardized language supporting the VIP platform, service providers can write innovative applications that take advantage of the latest in automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech, and voice synthesis technology.
VoiceXML also enables Interact’s VIP to retain the ability to invoke multiple call flows at varying intervals within a calling period. Pre, Post, Mid, Balance Inquiry, and Recharge call announcements are all supported and lend themselves to a more flexible, individualized telephony experience for the end user. This nimble-footedness gives service providers the chance to present various brand promoting “faces” to diverse markets and populations.

Whether you are looking to introduce new applications and services into an emerging market, or augment an already robust solution portfolio, Interact IVRs can quickly take you from an idea, to full implementation.
Interact IVRs solutions can help organizations in virtually any industry run more efficiently with a wide array of voice applications.  Let us create a customized IVR application for your organization, utilizing any of the advanced capabilities of Interact.
IVRs listed below are:
  • Carrier Grade Linux
  • Advanced VoiceXML
  • Supports Multiple Call Flows
  • Unlimited Language Support
  • Pre / Post / Mid / Balance Inquiry / Recharge
  • Call Announcements
  • ASR/TTS Technology
  • Event-Driven Distributed Environment
  • Call Bridging / Outdialing
  • Conferencing Enabled
  • Unified Messaging
  • Email
  • Fax
  • SMS
  • Ringtones
  • Voice Portal
  • Message Delivery
  • CC Authorization
  • Geographical Locator
  • Location Based Services
  • Central Monitoring
  • Biometric Security
  • Database Integration (Oracle, MySQL)
  • Web Server Integration
  • VoIP
  • TDM
  • True IP (ISUP)
  • Hosted and Onsite Implementations
Customers can also quickly develop their own applications on our IVRs utilizing our easy-to-operate graphical service creation environment, SPOTbuild, the ideal tool for designing and deploying custom call flows and voice applications.