Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence (BI) services are becoming more relevant and important because of the challenges faced by business today on, how to centralize all the critical data collected in your systems and manage it for the right people, at the right time. Business intelligence services transform your organization’s data into strategic value through a comprehensive business intelligence environment.

Some of the challenges that business face are:

  • Evolving business models

  • Unique data models

  • Nonstandard reporting periods

  • Nonstandard market definitions

  • Dense aggregation models

  • High level of interactive and adhoc reporting requirements

  • Dynamic event driven report scheduling requirements

BI helps your organization track, analyze, forecast, and present information as it relates to your performance.  It translates data into actionable and valuable information needed to make strategic decisions.   What defines the BI services are the technologies that are related to it; for instance, data analytics, database management, key performance indicators, dashboards, and business performance management.

Typically in business, to optimize performance depends on a decision maker or the management's ability to have the vision, react and respond, or their capacity to measure and identify business performance, and then to act upon the information on time. When that reaction does not happen, business performance weakens.  This type of situation is normally characterized when companies do not have the right information needed by the time those critical and important decisions have to be made.

The BI services that eliteBco offers are:

  • Operational Intelligence

  • Business Performance Management

  • Risk and Compliance

  • Threat and Fraud Detection

  • Customer Analytics

  • Workforce productivity

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