Cloud Computing


Businesses are moving toward cloud computing and are taking advantage of the benefits that cloud computing has to offer, such as, working from anywhere without the requirement of hardware.  Your company will get the instant benefits of not paying high upfront costs or waiting for long installations.  Additionally, you will get the flexibility of work with your specific needs without adding any hardware.

Fundamentally, IT needs to overcome these challenges to amplify the benefits of virtualization and increase agility:

  1. Underutilized infrastructure distributed in siloes across the enterprise

  2. Complex, custom, and inflexible application stacks that lock IT services to hardware and require unrepeatable and rigid maintenance processes

  3. Manual provisioning to enforce the governance and control needed to meet enterprise requirements

  4. Consolidate datacenters and deploy workloads on shared infrastructure with built-in security and role-based access control.

  5. Migrate workloads between pools of infrastructure and integrate existing management systems using customer extensions, APIs, and open cross-cloud standards.

More organizations are also moving their applications to the cloud. eliteBco will provide you with the software and hardware solutions that allow your end users to work more effectively when testing, developing, integrating, monitoring, managing, analyzing, and securing cloud infrastructure and cloud applications.

eliteBco Cloud Computing services move beyond simple use cases and serve the needs of enterprise clients. We will provide you with user friendly and scalable solutions that will rely on and deliver 100% availability, security, multi-tenancy, and support for integration.

Benefits of the Cloud Computing are:

  • Bringing emerging products to market quickly

  • Meeting enterprise requirements for security, control, performance, and ease of integration

  • Scaling operations cost-effectively

  • Easy Implementation